What's New and Roadmap

Recent Developments and Changelog:

To see the latest commits about CSHTML5, please visit the History of the 'develop' branch of OpenSilver on GitHub:


Note: The CSHTML5 source code is located in the OpenSilver repository. OpenSilver is an alternative to CSHTML5 which largely shares the same source code. OpenSilver compiles from C#/XAML to WebAssembly instead of JavaScript. The two products share the same code because they have the same XAML to HTML engine, and they have many layers in common. Both products are actively maintained. OpenSilver has both advantages (.NET Standard support...) and drawbacks (WebAssembly is currently slower and not supported on IE). Both products provide the choice between developing using the UWP/WinUI dialect and the Silverlight dialect. The improvements on OpenSilver usually also benefit CSHTML5.

Latest NuGet Packages:

Please visit the CSHTML5 NuGet package history at:



Recent Announcements

  • New "Preview" releases of CSHTML5 v2.0 have been recently released on the Forums. IMPORTANT: be sure to update the Package References to the much newer versions that are now available on NuGet.org
  • Initial support for "Telerik Kendo UI" (DataGrid, RichTextEditor) and "Syncfusion Essential JS" (Spreadsheet control, RichTextEditor). You can see them in the Showcase App. A tutorial for the Kendo UI controls is available here. Note: a separate license from Telerik or Syncfusion is required to use these features.
  • "Material Design" styles kit. You can see it in the Showcase App. The source code is available here.
  • New "Premium Support Edition" available for purchase! Learn more
  • CSHTML5 has gone open-source and is now dual-licensed. Read the announcement


Q1 2021:

  • CSHTML5 v2.0 Beta

    We apologize for the delay of the release of version 2.0 Beta. While we have been diligently improving CSHTML5 over the past months - as can be seen in the history of the 'develop' branch on GitHub - we have not been able to deliver the version 2.0 Beta yet. Many apps that use CSHTML5 v2.0 Alpha are already in production, so the technology is quite mature, but there are still a few issues in the development workflow which we are working on. Please rest assured that releasing CSHTML5 v2 is still among our top priorities, and we have a lot in the works for the coming years. Please stay with us as we keep working to build the future of software development!

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Advantages of CSHTML5 v2 over v1

  • Whole new engine to convert C# to JS: now based on Bridge.NET instead of JSIL
  • Better performance
  • Much faster load times
  • Smaller footprint
  • Minification
  • Source maps (to debug in C# while running in the browser)
  • Support for build servers and VSTS (Azure DevOps) for continuous delivery
  • Support for newer C# versions (up to C# 7.2)
  • Distributed as a NuGet package (and a .VSIX setup for project templates and design-time VS integration)
  • Improved Mscorlib support
  • Errors are now also reported at Design-Time rather than at Compile-Time
  • Easier interop with JS frameworks (Angular, React, Vue...)
  • Better leveraging of the browser cache
  • Lots of bug fixes (support for "Post Build" event, support for the "dynamic" keyword, much more...)

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