List of supported .NET types and methods

This page lists the .NET Framework types and methods that are supported by the current version of C#/XAML for HTML5.


Table of Contents

Supported Mscorlib types
Misc supported system types
Supported XAML-related types




C# Language Features

(99% supported!)

- Classes, interfaces, enums, inheritance, generics, event handlers, try/catch, "ref" and "out" keywords, properties, accessors, modifiers, lambda expressions, anonymous methods, extension methods, virtual methods, "var", nullables, automatic properties, partial types, nested types, pragma directives, collection initializers, yield return, sealed...

- New in beta4: Async/await, Linq (Any, AsEnumerable, Cast, Contains, Count, ElementAt, ElementAtOrDefault, Empty, First, FirstOrDefault, OfType, OrderBy, OrderByDescending, Range, Select, SelectMany, Sum, ToArray, ToList, and Where)

- Class libraries, visual studio project references, namespaces...

- New in beta6: C# 6.0

- New in beta8: ResX Resource Files

- New in RC1: Application.GetResourceStream

.NET Types and Framework Classes

(55% supported)

- Object, string, char, int, single, double, bool, DateTime, TimeSpan, List<>, Dictionary<>, Stack<>, Array, Size, Rect, Point, Exception, StringBuilder, Int64, CultureInfo, Encoding, StreamReader, TextReader, MemoryStream, BinaryWriter, BinaryReader, Buffer...

- System.Reflection

- New in beta2: DispatcherTimer

- New in beta3: Http calls (WCF, SOAP, REST, Add Service Reference, Web API support) (read WCF and WebClient Limitations and Tutorials), WebClient, XmlSerializer, Guid, Dispatcher.BeginInvoke

- New in beta5: Regular Expressions, IsolatedStorage, FileInfo

- New in beta6: ICommand

- New in beta8: Custom Attributes, Tuple2, HashSet2, Extensions (WebSockets, Print, File Open/Save, ZIP Compression...)

- New in beta12: Tuple<>, Printing

- New in beta13: Queue<T>, DataContractSerializer, XDocument, Linq to XML

XAML Concepts

(75% supported)

- General XAML syntax, XAML layout, Dependency properties

- User Controls

- Code behind

- Events registration (Click, PointerPressed, PointerReleased, PointerMoved, GotFocus, TextChanged, KeyDown...)

- XAML namespaces

- Alignments and margins

- New in beta2: Binding, DataContext, DataTemplate, StaticResource, Styles

- New in beta4: IsEnabled

- New in beta5: IsHitTestVisible, TransformToVisual, Opacity

- New in beta6: CapturePointer, Cursor, Pointer coordinates, Styles BasedOn, DropShadowEffect

- New in beta7: ResourceDictionary, MergedDictionaries, Transforms (CompositeTransform, RotateTransform, ScaleTransform...), OverrideMetadata

- New in beta8: ControlTemplates, Storyboards, Animations, VisualStateManager, OnApplyTemplate, TemplateBinding

- New in beta10: SizeChanged event, ClipToBounds, FindElementsInHostCoordinates, VisualTreeHelper

- New in beta11: MatrixTransform, TextBox validation, RegisterAttached, FontStyle, MaxLength

- New in beta12: RowSpan/ColumnSpan

- New in beta13: UIElement.AddHandler (catching handled events too)

- New in RC1: Custom markup extensions, Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen

- New in v1.1: ItemContainerStyle, RelativeSource AncestorType, Interactivity.Behaviors, custom fonts

XAML Types and Controls

(75% supported)

- Button, TextBox, TextBlock, Canvas, StackPanel, Border, Image, Grid, ScrollViewer, Rectangle, WrapPanel, UserControl, Control, Window, Page, Panel

- SolidColorBrush, Named colors, HorizontalAlignment, VerticalAlignment, Orientation, Thickness, CornerRadius...

- New in beta2: ItemsControl, ContentControl

- New in beta3: PasswordBox

- New in beta4: DataGrid, ComboBox, CheckBox, HyperlinkButton

- New in beta5: ListBox

- New in beta6: MediaElement, RadioButton

- New in beta7: Path, Ellipse, Line

- New in beta8: ToggleButton, TabControl, Expander

- New in beta9: LinearGradientBrush

- New in beta10: ChildWindow, ToolTip, Popup, ContextMenu, MenuItem, ScrollBar control, Thumb

- New in beta12: DockPanel, GridSplitter, AutoCompleteBox, DragDropTarget, Inlines, Run

- New in beta13: NumericUpDown, RepeatButton, community-made DatePicker and TimePicker (by TaterJuice)

- New in RC1: ViewBox, WebView, Frame, UriMapper

- New in v1.1: Label, RadialGradientBrush

Please refer to the Roadmap for details on upcoming features.


Supported Mscorlib types:

Misc suppported system types:

Supported XAML-related types:


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